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Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee bean extract (GCA) has made a splash in the headlines recently for its impressive weight-loss properties. Green coffee beans are simply the raw, unroasted form of the average coffee bean. Raw coffee beans are low in caffeine and loaded with powerful...

THREE Essential Tips For a Healthy Summer

ONE - Don’t Forget Your Shades.   Excess sun expose can lead to cataracts, retina burns and vision loss so it is important to wear high quality sunglasses that block 99% of UVA and UVB. Wearing poor-quality sunglasses can actually increase damage to your eyes...

The SAD Diet

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is, well ………sad. Millions of us are being starved of vital nutrients because of over processed, lifeless “food products” that have become the “standard” in today’s culture. Even those who make healthier choices often lack essential...


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