More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year! 

The Fourth of July is a fun, yet often noisy celebration.  Explosions, pops and whistles that go on for hours can become unnerving rather than festive, for both us and our pets.

Sadly, many pets run away and are lost during this time because they get so stressed from the unfamiliar loud noises.  Frightened and agitated, they often search out a quiet shelter, even if that means leaving the backyard to do so.

One of the best and most obvious tips for pet owners is to keep your dog or cat inside the house – especially as dusk approaches.

Turn on some music that might buffer the unfamiliar noises coming from outside.

If you don’t have a name tag for your fury friend, get one! ID badges help out tremendously when an animal strays away from home. Make sure to include a phone number or a way you can be contacted on social media.

Exercising your pet before the fireworks begin will help to settle them down at night. Just like humans, they will tire out and want to sleep